Sample Listing of Results Achieved

A sample listing of the results achieved by the Law Offices of Donald J. Tobias:

Business and Commercial Litigation

  • Successfully obtained numerous “large dollar” recoveries, on behalf of its institutional and government agency clients, against defaulting loan obligors and guarantors.
  • Successfully defeated claims and counterclaims raised against lender clients alleging, among other things, “lender liability,” usury and related defensive theories.
  • Successfully stopped competitors from infringing on clients’ trade names and trade styles.
  • Successfully stopped persons employed by clients from misappropriating customer lists and engaging in acts of unfair competition.
  • Successfully enforced clients’ payment rights under various kinds of commercial agreements.
  • Successfully defended real estate developer clients against claims brought by purchasers of residential units.
  • Successfully represented owners of various businesses, including shopping centers and retail enterprises, in disputes with partners and other co-owners.
  • Successfully represented manufacturing and retail clients in cases involving alleged breaches of product warranties.
  • Successfully represented construction subcontractors in litigation brought against prime contractors and real estate owner/developers.

Asset Liquidation

  • Successfully employed remedies, authorized under the Uniform Commercial Code, to liquidate, without the need for judicial intervention, lender clients’ collateral.
  • Successfully employed pre-judgment remedies in order to bring about the immediate seizure of pledged collateral.

High-End Collections and Judgment Enforcement

  • Successfully recovered, for the benefit of its institutional and government agency clients, previously secreted and/or undisclosed debtor assets.
  • Successfully domesticated and enforced numerous out of state judgments.
  • Successfully stopped, on behalf of lender and other business clients, the unlawful disposition and transfer of debtor assets.

Business and Commercial Mortgage Foreclosure

  • Successfully completed a multitude of commercial mortgage foreclosure actions that have been brought in virtually all corners of New York State.
  • Successfully preserved foreclosed property by seeking and obtaining the appointment of a receiver of rents and profits.
  • Successfully completed post-foreclosure proceedings to render the foreclosed property free of occupants.
  • Successfully prosecuted proceedings to obtain deficiency judgments against defaulting loan obligors.


  • Successfully completed proceedings to vacate automatic bankruptcy stays and enable lender clients to complete the foreclosure process.
  • Successfully challenged the feasibility of selected Chapter 11 reorganization plans.
  • Successfully challenged efforts to have indebtedness owing to client deemed non-dischargeable.
  • Successfully represented bankruptcy trustees in effort to recover substantial sums deemed to have been preferentially transferred.
  • Successfully defended business entities that were deemed, by a bankruptcy trustee, to have received preferential payments.
  • Successfully prosecuted bankruptcy and related appeals.

General Business, Real Estate and Transactional Matters

  • Successfully represented a multitude of clients in the purchase and sale of a wide variety of enterprises, including chemical plants, retail establishments and service oriented businesses.
  • Successfully represented a multitude of clients in the purchase and sale of commercial, industrial and residential real estate.
  • Successfully represented a multitude of clients in connection with the leasing of office and industrial space.
  • Successfully represented a multitude of clients in the negotiation and implementation of loan and mortgage agreements, insurance contracts, employment agreements and business transactional documents.


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