Asset Liquidation

The Law Offices of Donald J. Tobias works to protect and preserve the rights of its creditor clientele by seeking the aggressive and expeditious recovery of all pledged collateral. These efforts may include not only the advancement, through judgment, of the claim for financial recovery, but also:

(a) the initiation of proceedings, undertaken during the pendency of the lawsuit, to protect and preserve and in some instances recover physical possession of the secured property;

(b) an analysis of the defenses interposed by the debtor to obstruct the enforcement of the client’s right to recovery and the making of summary judgment motions, where appropriate, to bring about a speedy disposition of those defenses;

(c) the initiation of proceedings to set aside transactions that have been undertaken to transfer, to parties other than the debtor, the client’s collateral;

(d) the supervision of proceedings to sell or liquidate recovered assets and to protect and preserve the client’s right to recover any “deficiency” amounts that have not been addressed through the disposition of its collateral; and

(e) the initiation of appropriate proceedings, in Bankruptcy Court, to respond to the debtor’s effort to stay the lien enforcement process.

Manhattan Asset Liquidation


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